Friday, April 22, 2016

Lifting the Veil

The ego is a veil between humans and God. (Rumi)

When we define the ego as the force that leads us away from GOD, then the subject becomes a bit contentious. If there is a psychological force within us that wants to create mischief, should we fight ourselves?  I like Rumi's idea much better. We have created a veil between us and GOD by running after what we think is important to us, but we can always stop running, can't we? Who knows what the perceived "I" is exactly. There are thoughts running through us, bubbling apparently from nowhere, but it is in our control whether to pursue them or not. There are feelings that pop up, triggered by the daily events we are exposed to, but it is very much our choice which wave to ride and which one to sit out. So while it is true that our ego has an influence on how we perceive the world, in the end we are the authority that can decide to hang out with GOD every step of the WAY.

Life is divine! It was created to allow ourselves to become aware of the FORCE that permeates everything. We don't have to play a cat-and-mouse-game with ourselves. All we have to do is to go after what is meaningful to us and to wait for HER DIRECTIONS of how to proceed. Sure, we may have to practice mindfulness in situations that in the past led us astray. But otherwise, we are the creator, the observer, and the person who can walk with GOD, moment by moment.

The veil called ego automatically dissolves in HER PRESENCE. No second guessing, no convoluted mind games, and no meditation in seclusion is necessary. GOD is always near to us. Let's say yes to love every step of the WAY and the veil will be lifted once and for all.

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