Sunday, April 24, 2016


He never walks away.
He never asks for money,
he takes care of me.
He loves me;
piece by piece
he restored my faith;
that a man can be kind
and a father could stay
(Piece by Piece, Kelly Clarkson)

They say Leos are loyal. Whether it is my star sign or the wounds of previous life times, I don't know. But somehow all my life I found meaning in sticking to whatever mission I had signed up to. There were times during my graduate school days, and in my job as a financial strategist when I was nearly crushed under the weight of the load I was carrying, but I somehow kept going. As I grew older, and as I discovered the WAY, I realized that this path is just one story; it doesn't have to be that way. Many roads lead to Rome, and there is no right or wrong in choosing what is meaningful to us. Change is part of the WAY. Sometimes it is just best to shrug your shoulders and let people and jobs drift away. In fact, I have become quite good at that, given that I simply follow the signs of the WAY without thinking twice about it.

I remember the story of a friend who told me that he divorced his first wife because she didn't share his sexual excitement. I cringed when I heard it then, thinking to myself, "well, perhaps you should have tried a bit harder." Today I know that I had no business judging him that way; we all have to follow what is meaningful for us. Still, when I followed his life story it only strengthened my earlier assessment. His second marriage, which I figure had its fair share of steamy sex in it, broke off after a few years as well, and two little girls got caught in the cross-fire of an ugly divorce. Meanwhile my friend is with his third wife and from the sound of it he made peace with his life story. Unfortunately we lost sight of each other, so I don't know his perspective in hindsight.

Isn't that how life goes? We all create our life story and no one should have any right to judge the other without having walked in their shoes. But we have to know what is meaningful to us, and we choose these pillars as the foundation for the Taj Mahal that we are building in our life time. My cornerstones are loyalty and love, and the WAY crafts my spiritual mission around it. Listening to Kelly Clarkson's emotional performance of her song Piece by Piece on American Idol the other day made me feel a bit proud. No matter what monsters might step in my way, the people close to me can always count on me being there for them every step of the WAY.

Have a look at Kelly's touching performance:

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