Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The Holy Choice

The three Cs along a spiritual path are choice, change and chance: make the right choice by GOD, stand ready to embrace the change life confronts you with, and chance will be on your side to see your mission through.

"Left, right, yes, yes, no", these are our situation-specific responses to life. Who can say where these responses come from. Sometimes we think that we hear GOD's lovely VOICE, and sometimes we perceive the ego in action. But then, sometimes we face life's confusing choices in which we don't know what is of GOD and when the ego is talking. So we give it our best shot, what else can we do anyway. 

A spiritual super ego can't be entirely trusted, just as society's norms can be imperfect guide posts at times too. Mostly right, but not always; so what can we do? What authority should we rely on? Follow the Way, advises the Tao Te Ching. Find divine messages in the holy interaction of brothers and sisters says the Christ. All of them are right, yet, what exactly we have to do in life's confusing jungle is entirely up to us. The quiet VOICE within is the authority, as is the special FEELING that emanates from our heart as we engage with life.

It is the choice that makes us holy. It is the messages of life that helps us dissects the voices, symbols and feelings. Life makes us divine. Face life's problems and gifts to the the best of your ability; be flexible enough to notice everything that comes your way, and listen to everyone - friend or perceived foe. Life presents a choice here and now. 

This holy choice by itself has the power to set us free. This world was created with the intention to bring us HOME. Unwrap life's present; accept its challenge and be HOME.

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