Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The Path of the Light-Worker

Be who GOD meant you to be and you will set the world on fire.
(St. Catherine of Siena)

Moses was enlightened in the sense that he experienced the "I Am That I Am" moment that so many spiritual travelers are after. Yet, he had to be sent on his path kicking and screaming. He argued with God that he wasn't a good public speaker, but then his more eloquent brother Aaron was happy to step in. Fighting with the Pharaoh and his dark magicians  wasn't fun, and praying for the waters to part with an incoming army at his back must have been pretty scary too. His end wasn't pretty either; after wandering for decades through the desert in search of the holy land, Moses in fact never reached the land of milk and honey.

What your role as a light-worker entails is between you and GOD. You are certainly encouraged to dream big, and plan for a destiny of your choice. But then, 
you also have to let the implementation of your dream up to a higher authority. I am a light-worker of sorts in the busy world of financial markets, and if it was up to me I would rather sit at home writing books for you. Yet, I am fulfilling my mission and when the cue comes to move on to a different role, I will be ready.

My co-author Su Zhen sometimes writes about her autistic son, and her mission to launch him on his journey. A lot of other work she could be doing instead simply has to wait until the time is ready. 
So what is your mission? Work in accordance with the WAY and let HER explain to you what will be meaningful to you. We are GOD's co-creators and together we define the journey are are traveling on. Awaken to the Path of the Light-worker and you can set the world on fire in your own idiosyncratic way.

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