Friday, May 6, 2016

Come Rain, Come Shine

I used to mind the rain in the olden days as I am a creature of the light. Then a big change happened to me, I became a house owner and had to take care of our yard. So today I in fact rejoice when it rains for a few days in the spring as it works wonders for the grass. Perhaps this simple example can best explain the spiritual transformation that has taken place in me in recent years. Nothing really has objectively changed, yet, everything has. 

I have learned to cut ties with people whenever SHE tells me so. In the olden days I would have hung on to everyone in the name of spirituality, and would have been heart-broken if someone was forcefully taken away from me. Not today, when people need to travel to new exciting place I will not stand in the way.

I have also learned to truly forgive the people who may have wronged me in the past, whereas earlier I simply would have fooled myself into thinking that I did. It is not that I am more "holy" today than I was in the olden days, it is just that SHE patiently explains to me on a case by case basis why my brother is just like me.

I have learned how to stand up for myself whereas in the olden days I would have retreated in the name of spirituality. I also no longer feel shy to get my hands a little dirty if SHE tells me than now is the time and the place to do so. I have learned to forgive myself, because SHE patiently explains to me how everything that ever happened to me in the past is in fact sacrosanct.

I am still exactly the person I used to be, but on more and more occasions, I am one with HER.  Come rain, come shine, life is beautiful thanks to HER.

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