Friday, May 6, 2016

Know Thy SELF

have been

with the

to replace
the thinking
of the world

(davidWELLENS at Spiritual Networks, THINKING)

Socrates lived by the motto of the Oracle, "Know Thy Self". Yet, the enlightenment process only zoomed into the philosopher Socrates and conveniently omitted his metaphysical side. Socrates had a demon, an inner voice, that he put his faith in. Once he went on a excursion with friends and suddenly stopped by the wayside. His friends proceeded only to find themselves surrounded by dirty pigs at the top of the hill. They had to go home and change while Socrates had a healthy chuckle.

The writer davidWELLENS put the true KNOWLEDGE well in his note. The MINDSET of HEAVEN has been implemented in us. We can find GOD in our environment, in our SELF, in our heart and in our thoughts. All we have to do is to tune in, and leave the distractions by the wayside. Know thy SELF or you might find yourself in the mud from time to time, just like Sokrates' friends.

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