Sunday, May 8, 2016

Finding the Lost Diamonds

Whenever we forget that happiness, joy, love, and wisdom lies within us, and start looking somewhere else for it, our life becomes miserable. How can we find what we are looking for when we seek it in the wrong places! It is like a lady misplacing her diamonds in her bedroom, but then looking for them in the dining area for that's were she wore them last Christmas. What a realization when she suddenly remembers were she left it, in the drawer right next to her bed. This revelation is priceless; her joy is restored.

When we forget who we are, what we have got, and where we can find it, nothing else is required. Hard work is not only futile, it is even counter-productive. Remind yourself of your purpose; look for the guidance in your heart, and your presence will sparkle like a diamond. May we all remember who we are. Just like in the case of the misplaced diamonds, it is the ease of mind that brings the revelation, and suddenly everything else falls right into place.

This remembering lights up our world, brings us hope, joy, love and wisdom! We join the flow of the Tao and stop searching for the elusive glitter on the horizon because we are too busy collecting the gems right in front of us. Rediscover your lost treasure today.

By Christian and Su Zhen 

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