Monday, May 23, 2016

Life is Wild - Dive In!

Happiness means welcoming what is.
(Allan Schnarr)

Have you ever wondered why we are constantly annoyed by people and situations? Have you ever questioned your reactions to life's demands?  Very often we take our reaction to a situation for granted.  We are supposed to feel annoyed when things don’t go our way, right? Please respect the problems that confront you. What exactly are they trying to tell you?

Truth of the matter is that our attitude towards life's so-classified "problems" either create a break-through or cause us continued suffering. Every problem is hand-delivered; it is a "present" just for us. Life is wild though, so if you expect well-defined problems and cookie-cutter answers you will likely be disappointed. Dancing with HER is a full-contact sport. 

Do you think we will still feel annoyed or bothered if we respect every surprise that pops up in our life as a message from HER? Will we still be bothered if we feel in our bones that everything life confronts us with is designed to bring us HOME? Just like with our emotions, life's ups and downs are here to help us find the WAY.

Dive in friend - life is wild, it cannot be planned and not protected against. We spiritual travelers surf the same waters as everyone else, yet, we likely have more fun than those who resist the current or want to go against it.

By Christian and Su Shen 

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