Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Journey to the Core

Sometimes we cannot experience peace in our life; perhaps this movie has been playing for a long time, it is only that we lost track of the root cause of our struggle because all the chapters look so different to us. Perhaps we meditate and do all sorts of spiritual stuff to calm ourselves,  but no matter what we do, this turbulent emotion just keeps coming to the surface. If you are experiencing something like that, it is a sign that you haven't yet faced the real issue behind your struggles.

Deep down inside you know exactly what your issue is and when you reflect on the struggles in your life, you also know what to do to tackle it. However, with your avoidance and fears you are just adjusting the facade of things and move around the edge of the circle, never really penetrating the core. Nothing is ever accomplished this way.  How can we solve our issue by dealing with something that is not really related?  It is like having a kidney problem and the symptom is a rash in our skin. By applying all kind of cremes we might be able to alleviate the symptoms but can never really solve our problem.

The same rule applies to the lack of peace we experience.  How can we have peace if we never really address the issue that haunts us. We fantasize how we might find peace one day, how we will be eventually enlightened by improving ourselves, but fact of the matter is that unless we experience the break-through today, we never will. It takes courage to face our issues; it takes determination to take the necessary action to change the programs of the past. So instead of complaining, we can decide today to take the full responsibility for our life. 

Join us today to take the plunge to the core!

By Christian and Su Zhen 

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