Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Transcending the Battle of Good and Evil

Isn't it true that some substances are objectively poison and harmful when used in the wrong circumstances or quantity, but quite beneficial when applied in the right doses when used in fighting diseases or pests? In the same fashion, could we try to step out of the good and evil battle that we perceive within and try to find a new perspective that gains a new meaning to the monster that we perceived before, and make him an aide instead?

Kim-Anne Jannes wrote in "Das Ich als Lehrer des Lebens" that she met in her life a monster that over time transformed into a beautiful dragon, in fact protecting her against evil coming her way. I can't say that I ever met a real monster, but I dreamt of one:

Scary as this dream was, it was liberating in some way as it brought in the open conflicts that were previously hidden in the subconscious. The monster that I met in my dream was aggressive and violent but I wasn't afraid of him. From the day it revealed itself to me, both of us knew that we were on equal footing. I spent a few years arm-wrestling the monster which was a complete waste of time. The break-through happened when I finally asked what it wanted from me, "manliness, assertion and recognition" was the answer. All goals are just fine with me, so I hit the gym, and otherwise just had to follow the leads of the WAY. After that break-through conversation I had finally reached a modus vivendi with the fellow within.

It turns out that in my role as financial strategist assertion is something that comes with the job. When someone is buying while another is selling it doesn't help either party to sit on the fence. Too long I tried to be diplomatic only to find that I upset everyone in the process, myself included. Being assertive doesn't preclude kindness. It is a little like removing a band-aide, you help the patient best when you just get it done with. At work, when investors get a straight-forward "yes" or "no" from me it may hurt for a moment if they are positioned differently, but later they will thank me for pointing them in the right direction.  

It is not hard to be assertive along the WAY since we constantly receive little nudges from our environment. Answers such as "yes, no, no, yes" are not thought-up, they simply roll from our tongue and we are often unable to say where exactly the response was coming from. While I can't say that Kim-Anne's dragon is following me around, a higher power is intervening on my behalf in the background.

Where is your battle residing and how can you grant yourself new authentic powers by sidestepping the conflict of good and evil altogether? Try it, your sanity, well-being and success will thank you for it.

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