Saturday, May 28, 2016

Spotting the Beauty Within the Shadow

When I worked with my colleague for the first few years and observed how fast he climbed the career ladder I figured that he got there with some underhanded means. I may have been right in my assessment, or I may have been unfair to him; it was probably a bit of both. But all of that is water down the bridge today. Around the time when my spiritual path opened up to me I discovered new qualities in my colleagues that I had never perceived before. As the years went by, I perceived an entirely different person.

The colleague who later became my friend is just like a mirror. When I changed, he changed with me. So when I finally approached him as a friend, that was exactly what he turned out to be. Maybe I changed my friend for the better, or maybe he changed me. Again, probably a little bit of both; we both lifted each other up.

I was thinking about my curious friend when I reflected on my demon inside. Whenever I think of this aggressive and violent force that I initially perceived within myself, this shadow seemed like a monster. But when I started side-stepping the battle of good and evil, everything else in my life changed with this new perspective. The force that I had called names before had many unrecognized qualities. A diamond emerged from that dirty piece of coal. Shadow work is a conscious choice away from what pulls us down and a step up the stairways towards a higher level of consciousness. But just as much as it is a choice for something different, it is simply a change in perspective as well.

Just with the power-hungry colleague of mine who later became my collaborator and friend, what beauty have you been overlooking in your shadow struggle thus far? What authentic powers haven't you granted yourself yet? Find them! Utilize that magnificent power that has been hiding within and catapult yourself to the next level of consciousness, simply by leaving the battle of good and evil behind. There is a gem waiting for you in the shadow.

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