Thursday, May 26, 2016

Observing the Angry Robot at Work

Have you ever observed what is going on inside of you when someone upsets you?  Have you observed how you are increasingly getting worked up until eventually you are entirely driven by your anger?  Did it ever occur to you how robotic you get in these moments?

When you keep observing what's going on you find that you in fact start telling yourself a story, and you increasingly believe in it as the emotions are rising. You can literally feel the energy field called anger. However, this anger is almost like a balloon.  When you are angry, the balloon is ready to burst, while when your anger is gone, all the air has deflated as well. It is only then when you open up to a different perspective. It is only then that you would consider listening to the alternative story.

If we have experienced over and over how we have fallen into this trap, often realizing that our story wasn't right after all when we pick up the broken China from the floor, perhaps we can teach ourself some patience. Perhaps we withstand the air pressure of the balloon allowing it to deflate as we calmly breathe during the crisis and let the negative energy field come and go. 

The specific story line is not even that important for the spiritual traveler. The important thing is to realize that there is a negative energy field that is at risk of taking us for a ride. Only when we can distance ourselves from our story line are we able to objectively observe and understand what’s really driving us. There is a trigger that gets activated. There is a subconscious pain body that is way bigger than the issue at hand. We often realize after the anger is gone that is wasn't even worth our while to make a big fuss.

We write about these themes because we want to be free from the robot inside. The WAY wants us to be free as well, hence encounter after encounter with these psychological triggers is carefully planned by a higher authority to help us to discover our pain body and to help us deflate it and disentangle ourself in the process. 

May wisdom arise in us; may awareness shine and may life keep on sending us these messengers that help us to become masters of our own life!

By Christian and Su Zhen 

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