Thursday, May 19, 2016

Ten out of Ten

People living in a house make it significant; otherwise it would not be more than a shamble. Similarly, the soul residing in this body makes it valuable and precious; otherwise it would have been dead and worthless.
(Kalvan; Quote at Spiritual Networks)

They say that Facebook started as a simple "hot or not" exercise, ranking the pictures of Harvard and other Ivy League students. Yet, what exactly are we asking when we rank girls or guys? Do we find them sexually attractive or simply cute? Do we see kindness in their face or fire in their eyes? All of the above perhaps for the one we choose in the end?

When we meet someone there are in fact three perspectives, the biological attributes, the ego perspective and the whisper of the soul. It is all merged into one feeling, impossible to differentiate where exactly the attraction comes from. But once we start ranking it does get hairy, because the SPIRIT doesn't rank; SHE only tells you if your partner is worth your while to fall in love with. The ego ranks, and you will soon stumble on inconsistencies. The ego can only lead you into nowhere.

For the SPIRIT the mission is to heal you and the partner of your choice. The match is literally made in HEAVEN. Whether other can see our partner the way we do is beside the point. My garden may serve as an illustration. Few would see the beauty I see, but when I look at the interplay of trees, perennials, grass and even some plants that some others would classify as weed, I see beautify that simply cannot be improved upon. John Legend sings in "All of Me" of the "perfect imperfections" of his lover, and that he loves her curves as much as her edges. Yup, that is how the SPIRIT sees your partner, a sure ten out of ten.

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