Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The Story of the Deer

In a forest, a pregnant deer is about to give birth. She finds a remote grass field near a strong-flowing river. This seems a safe place and suddenly the labour begins.

At the same moment, dark clouds gather around above and lightning starts a forest fire. She looks to her left and sees a hunter with his bow extended pointing at her. To her right, she spots a hungry lion approaching her.

What can the pregnant deer do? She is in labour! What will happen? Will she survive? Will she give birth to a fawn? Will the fawn survive? Or will they all get burnt by the forest fire?

She is constrained by the fire on the one side and the flowing river on the other, and boxed in by the approaching predators. Even if wanted to run, she couldn't. So she does the only thing possible to do, she focuses on giving birth to a new life.

The sequence of events that follows are:

- Lightning strikes and blinds the hunter.
- He releases the arrow which zips past the deer and strikes the hungry lion.
- It starts to rain heavily, slowly dousing the fire.
- The deer gives birth to a healthy fawn.

I found this story in the Spiritual Networks community and it appealed to me as a reminder that our imaginary mind is fooled so often. I am not saying that there is always a Hollywood ending to every story, but our mind sends us on a wild goose chase more often than not. So let's just focus on the task at hand and see what will happen in the end. There is no need to be a deer caught in the headlight only because it is getting a little scary. Let's put our best foot forward and things are likely to work out somehow. 

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