Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Your Path Determines Your Actions

The drunken man says what the sober man thinks
(Saying on a Chinese Fortune Cookie)

We live and act subconsciously on some level
. Hindsight is 20:20, but the action in the now has a mind of its own, and we often have much less conscious control over what we do than what we think. Yet, there is something strange in the occurrences that we attract, they somehow are connected to what we did before. The man who disliked the company he was in was given a choice to excuse himself. And even when he decided to hang out with them, he still could have have withstood the temptation to drown his sorrows with alcohol.  Even after the first glass of wine he could have passed on the second. Yet, after the second glass the damage is done, and the stuff that bubbles up unfortunately leaves its mark.

Conversely, a peaceful and inspiring environment invites wholesome decisions, just as a hostile and polluting backdrop pulls our energy level down and the quality of our responses with it. A spiritual path is a continues journey towards the light, and after a little initial heavy lifting these uplifting  choices become quasi automatic. We spiritual travelers have freedom to look forward to. We are encouraged to live purposeful lives, and we are put in a position to express our passions. And when we then finally get drunk, it will be with family and friends and everything that is said under the influence will be just as it is supposed to. 

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