Saturday, June 11, 2016

Emotions, Mind, and Suffering

Have you observed how you respond to your emotions when they arise?  Triggered by these emotions, do you form opinions about the situation you are in? Do you make plans how to amplify (positive) or avoid (negative) emotions? Do you then react to these thoughts and plans? Do you find scapegoats (negative) or take credit (positive) for these emotions? Observe how you talk to yourself when these emotions pop up. Did you observe how these talks in fact perpetuate the recycling of emotions so that you never really manage to step out of this cycle?

The truth is, we can never end our emotions.  They will always pop up.  And these emotions are always full of memories and energy from the past.  Often our emotions are not even related to the current issues that we are facing. The people and events of today are just the triggers to recycle the stored energy of the past. On the contrary, if you let these emotions flow through you, you give yourself time and space to release these old reaction functions. However, when we react to the projections and memories of our mind, we will always have endless issues to deal with. Our suffering is endless that way.

Try it!  Free yourself from the prison of the past. 

By Su Zhen

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