Saturday, June 11, 2016

Don't Try so Hard

The sun sets without thy assistance.
The Talmud

In my office I have a money plant that has quite a symbolic work connection for me. Some 15 years ago a colleague who left us for graduate school gave this plant to me and I did my best to water it but somehow it didn't do so well. When my assistant asked me to throw it, I suddenly thought that this plant may just symbolize my career at that time which sadly was half past dead as well. So I decided to turn the whole thing around, and replanted it; after a few years it had grown in a beautiful circle which I took as a symbol of my own journey towards wholeness.

This year a colleague stopped by and remarked that the plant again has lost its shine and suggested to start over again. When I reflected on the situation, I figured that I had tried to hard to impose a circle and thus had interfered with its natural energy flow. Again, symbolically, let a higher authority worry about wholeness, I just try to do my best to be my authentic self. So similarly, let the plant grow freely as well. 

It is arrogant to aspire to do the work of the WAY. I supply my purpose and my passion and I trust that my individuality will be the missing piece in the beautiful puzzle. We don't have to try so hard!

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