Sunday, June 12, 2016

The Message of the Japanese Crow

I was raised to have shame and guilt where sex was involved. I learned later that any act that can result in the merging of two souls to form a divine union that may very well result in creation of life was a truly divine act. People make it wrong and dirty. Lovemaking when utilized by two souls with a divine connection is a vehicle to much more enlightened realms of existence. Also, it's fun. (Ryu Ryan, Spiritual Networks)

The crow is a symbolic messenger that sometimes communicates shadow aspects to us. I, in particular, have a long-standing spiritual connection with the crow:
When I recently visited Tokyo I had  a strange encounter while going to work. I noticed that a sick crow was huddled in a corner while a near-by crow tried protecting it. I walked by without thinking much about the scene, but on my way back I realized that little had changed; the sick crow was still in exactly the same spot where I had seen it earlier. I kept walking when suddenly the other crow was flying over my head, so close that it almost touched my hair.

What was the symbolic significance? Of course I understood that the crow simply wanted to protect its mate, but given that I have a long-standing spiritual connection with birds I wanted to understand the deeper meaning of this encounter. It was as if my shadow messenger tried to alert me to an insight, but what? Later that day I stumbled on the photo below which opened my eyes to all my prior sexual struggles. Some of us waste so much energy trying to repress our sexual urges in the name of spirituality when many ancient traditions tell us that GOD is complete when yin and yang merge in the holy sexual union.

It was not sex that expelled us from the Garden of Eden, it was the mistaken perception that we are separated individuals. If anything, the forgotten knowledge of the tree in the middle of the garden is that this holy sexual ONENESS can open the door to the garden once again. Do you spot the two birds facing each other in the picture right over the rising kundalini energy? I thank the Japanese crow for alerting me to the fact that we don't have to renounce anything.

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