Monday, June 13, 2016

Let It Go

It is sad to say farewell to friends, jobs, a neighborhood, a lifestyle, or even a body.  Why are we sad or even unwilling to depart from something which no longer works for us?  Why are we so attached to something which is on its way out. Are we in love with some merry memories, or even harder to understand, why do we relive unpleasant emotions again and again? Are we afraid of what comes next? Why can't we jump into life's events without being entangled in the past!

Observe how our link to the past prevents us from living fully in the present. Do you still feel resentful of your parents that they couldn't fulfill all your needs? Do you still feel guilty for some mistakes you made and you simply can't forgive yourself? We unfortunately cannot make a break with the past by our will-power alone. We are stuck in these places because we have strong emotional attachments with what mattered to us in the past. 

Next time when these memories and emotions surface, try to be present without getting entanglement with your mind.  Let all these emotions and memories pass by like the wind. We cannot welcome a new life without letting go of the old.  We need space, time and energy to embrace the new! The WAY supplies us many opportunities to revisit, and clean out, the past. Use them!

Let it go! The next opportunity to relive the events of the past is just around the corner. This time around, get it out of your system once for all. 

By Su Zhen

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