Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Drama or Reality?

Have you ever observed how you respond to your emotions?  Do you notice that whenever emotions flow  you, many thoughts start bubbling to the surface with it? How do you respond to these thoughts then? Do you take them for real and start making different plans or do you just observe them and let them pass by?

Observe what will happen when you identify with these thoughts and starts your journey with these phantoms of your own imagination. Say one morning you wake up feeling horrible. You already feel hopeless and start making up stories about the terrible situation you are in. And then you think that these stories are real and you start acting on them accordingly. You will be on a downward spiral before you know it just because your starting point was a bad one. How different the story will be if you suddenly realize how happy you are!

Hopeless or hopeful, our starting point decides the outcome. Yet, this is just different energy flowing through us that we perceive as reality. With this realization, we suddenly become indifferent to how we feel and just allow these different emotions to flow through us. As soon as these emotions pass, we can see a different life unfold in front of us. Walking on the spiritual path is to wake up from these man-made dramas and live in the reality GOD encourages us to experience.

By Su Zhen 

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