Monday, July 4, 2016

Guilt, Compassion and Peace

Have you ever observed how you talk to yourself when you realize that you made a mistake?Observe how you call yourself or others names, and how you want to punish whoever is responsible. We are playing mind games and can literally observe how we lose contact with reality; our mental story is getting soaked in bitter juices and only gets marinated as time goes by. 

So how do we help people if we scold and punish ourselves over our mistakes? Doesn't that only mean that we will will get even more vicious next time around? Fact of the matter is, when we we punish ourselves we are unable to love at that moment.

When you love you transcend all the stuff that previously pulled you down; you suddenly rise and look at everything from a higher perspective. You see yourself just as GOD is looking at you.  

With love comes compassion and we accept our weaknesses and those of others. We accept ourselves unconditionally and suddenly experience what love is all about. With this unconditional love arising in us, our perspective changes with it. We are no longer angry or mad. Instead, we feel compassion. All the guilt and conditionally is gone, and forgiveness replaces hatred.

So what is your mind telling you now? "I must reach that blessed state"; isn't it something along these lines? Well, it is the  same voice that beat yourself up over a mistake the other day, or was swearing at the rude behavior of the fellow next door. No, you mustn't do anything. Just observe. Allow the feelings to bubble to the surface; observe and allow them to flow though without lingering. 

That's the peace and serenity a spiritual path has in store for you. No more guilt, anger, or banging of heads against the wall. Everything just is. In GOD's world, everything and everyone is perfect as is.

By Christian and Su Zhen

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