Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Every Step of the WAY is the Destination

“The instinctive, or natural, habit of egoic man is to ask and seek for MORE.  (...) . He needs, or thinks he needs, more safety, more power, more love, more attention, more learning and even more of the virtues which he happens to fancy, such as unselfishness, or kindness—or just a general quality of goodness” E. Graham Howe, “The Druid of Harley Street"

We are unfortunately fooling ourselves. There is arrogance in the spiritual community. Without realizing it, we are in fact looking down on the folks who are not yet awakened. We spiritual travelers are well-meaning people, but we are as mistaken as "egoistic man" who runs after fame, money and women. Our ego is wrapped in spiritual closing, we want to be enlightened, wise, kind and loving. Maybe it is more fun to have us around, but the problem statement is the same.

We fantasize about being better off in the future but all we ever have to work with is the holy NOW. No, this promise of becoming your better self is just as useful as renovating a prison cell, as J. Krishnamurti once put it so well. The revolution has to happen here and now. There is no tomorrow; there is no point when we are any closer to our SELF than today. Let's drop all expectations, accept who we are, and be HOME.

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