Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Beyond Happiness and Despair

In my professional role as a financial strategist I am in the strange business of being asked to make predictions about pretty random events. Sure, a skilled and seasoned investor can make a positive contribution from time to time, but everyone in the forecasting business will one day get caught standing naked in the rain, which isn't fun.

The requirements of the job put you in a state beyond happiness and despair. It doesn't pay us to be desperate, even though we feel that way on occasions, because the next opportunity to make up lost ground is hiding in every calamity. But then, happiness is also misguided because embedded in every success are already the seeds of the next disappointment.

Perhaps we can think similarly of the spiritual journey as to help separate the SELF from the voice in our head. The ego, and the world it perceives, seems real, yet beyond it operates a FORCE that the ego knows little about. Yet, we spiritual travelers can often feel and tune into HER PRESENCE. So when the distracting voice pops up yet again, the seasoned traveler just lets it pass by until the train of thought dissolve into nothingness.

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