Friday, July 8, 2016

Get out of Your Head and Ready for Life

The spiritual journey is the unlearning of fear and the acceptance of love. (Marianne Williamson)

It was a scene that got his heart racing. He was sitting with an impressive erection in a chair ready for the attractive woman who was walking towards him. But then, as she touched him, something changed in him. He noticed that she was in fact quite shy, and there was love in her eyes, not lust. As he had this realization, he cooled down a bit and started zooming into her instead.

I had this dream the other night. Reflecting on it afterwards, I was reminded of a note I had written many years ago: the observation of how different mind sex is from actually having sex. There is no right or wrong in this, there is only an act and a consequence. Perhaps the closest comparison of this experience is the enjoyment of spicy food. A gourmet meal is tasty and delicious, though it might not give you the same kick at the moment when the hot chilly deafens your taste buds. Still, your aftertaste and your stomach will thank you for choosing the fine dining experience instead.

A story of a friend when I was still a student came to my mind as well. She said that she had sex with a boyfriend who was incredibly excited, but somewhere through this experience she noticed that he was on his own trip and she felt alienated from the act of making love. So somewhere in it she simply tapped on his shoulder and said, "Hey, I am also here." When I heard the story then I remember thinking that this must have been an incredible let-down for the boyfriend. Today, however, I just realize that she was life's messenger saying to him, "Hey friend, get out of your head and dance with me." We get these nudges all the time, but her boyfriend must have overlooked so many that night before she had to use the sledgehammer on him.  

We experience what we experience, and we feel what we feel. Always choosing love, as advocated by Marianne Williamson in the above quote, will give you a pleasant life but you may still miss out on the actual GOD experience. But when you can actually observe - just as in my recent dream - when the experience in your head doesn't quite match the reality you experience, this is the opportunity to wake up and smell the coffee. 

A spiritual path is the unlearning of fear; the step towards love when we perceive a glimpse of it. We can become aware of our ego world, and we have the power to step out of it, but we need a trigger to be able to do it. Get out of your head and dance with life. Perceived as truly is, life can bring you HOME every step of the WAY.

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