Saturday, July 9, 2016

When the Eye sees what the Heart feels and the Mind knows

The eye can have a vision of GOD, just as it can be the the ego's extension. Mostly it is neither as we are caught somewhere between lust and love, greed and grace.

The heart can feel the longings of the soul, and can be gripped by fear's terror. Again, often our feelings reflect the back and forth between GOD's KINGDOM and man's creation.

Thoughts can mirror our ego's agenda, just as they can be a lightening flash of GOD's timeless KNOWLEDGE.

Satori moments are when the eye sees what the mind knows and the heart feels: GOD. A spiritual path is the conscious orientation towards GOD. The eye may occasional perceive a faux-pas, some distracting thoughts are sure to pop up, just as a feeling of fear or disappointment will be part of the deal. Mostly, however, GOD will be present every step of the WAY.

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