Sunday, July 17, 2016

Pointers along the WAY

We spiritual travelers receive pointers about things to come just like everyone else does. It is just that we have learned in the meantime that these pointers are blessings the WAY sends, whereas some others would call them coincidence or superstitious nonsense.

They say trust a woman's intuition, and that's perhaps why so many women were burnt as witches during the Middle Ages because men in those days were simply too afraid of their mysterious powers. But truth of the matter is that we all have access to this intuition if only we are creative enough to open up to them.

When the UK voted on the proposed exit from the European Union we had an active debate at our firm whether it would happen or not. I mostly kept out of the discussion since I figured that I had no edge grasping the "British soul" compared to our experts who actually live there. I was rooting for a "remain" outcome as it would keep the politics out of my economic analysis, but otherwise I am a strong believer in the "it is as it is, and as is, is somehow best" philosophy.

A couple of weeks before the vote we had an internal presentation on the potential fall-outs of the Brexit vote and to keep things lively had some background music playing. Just when the presenters joined the stage, Queen's "Another one bites the dust" was playing; I figured that this was a bad omen. And then one day before the referendum, when markets were up strongly in anticipation of a "remain" vote, I overheard one US portfolio manager saying to another colleague, "I spent exactly two minutes on this Brexit topic, and even these were a waste of my time." When I heard it I thought to myself, "Well, I have seen this movie before. Hubris goeth before the fall ." Sure enough, when I saw the Brexit headlines next morning and the red color on the financial market screens, I didn't blink. The writing for Brexit was on the wall, and the TAO pointed it out to me. Trust your instincts, discover the WAY; the pointers are everywhere.

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