Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The Goodwill Currency

A colleague who grew up in Czechoslovakia during the communist regime told me that in those days when there was little output available, people would trade services instead. The teacher gave after-school lessons, the butcher put the good piece of beef aside before the high ranking party officials could take them and gave it to the one who was throwing a party, and the carpenter build the furniture that the newly-wed needed. So they all traded with each other until everyone had what they needed.

An economic revolution is in the making and modern society is changing on us. Goods becoming cheaper and more available all the time. Soon there will be the robots that manufacture the robots that manufacture the goods. With little capital requirements and abundant energy - thanks to solar and other technology advances - goods will one day become cheaper than water. And while all of us may already have what we need, we still need something to do; a raison d'ĂȘtre so to speak.

What if the services we supply to each other are off the economic grid just like in olden days Czechoslovakia. I write spiritual blogs, someone else distributes recipes that millions of us download. Someone manufactures furniture with the human touch and customer-tailored artistic designs; others do sculptures, paintings, psychic, yoga and healing classes. Who knows, perhaps we will have one day our own currency, the GOD's WILL buck so to speak.

Many of us may operate in both spheres making bucks in the commercial world just as using our talents in GOD's sphere as well. Some may choose the simple lifestyle operating simply in the GOD's WILL environment and will be taken care off just fine. It is a parallel existence next to the old established society. Chances are, as time goes by, GOD's WILL is going to capture ever more hearts and souls.

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