Saturday, July 30, 2016

When the Creation is Complete

The number five is a symbol for life as is. The famous Zen phrase "It is as it is" has exactly five words for a reason. In numerology seven and seven (=14) adds to five (1+4), and seven stands symbolically for completion. So seven and seven could be translated as "the creation is complete", or as in Leibnitz's "best of all worlds" philosophy. Some may find the "best of all worlds" hard to swallow, but subconsciously, it may just be perfectly designed to bring us HOME over a number of life-times.

Take one dimension away from five and you are with GOD. The maya disappears in that dimension. Amazingly, most cultures don't like the number 4 very much. The Chinese don't because it rhymes with "death". The Western culture avoids 13 (1+3=4) as it is supposed to bring bad luck. The Indians don't have these hang-ups. They welcome Goddess Durga (GOD's benign face) as much as Kali, the Goddess of destruction.

Alternatively, add 1 to five and you get 6, Christ's number. Jesus was 33 when he died, and his spiritual discovery was the Holy Union of people. In a spiritual encounter, my Holy Trinity meets yours, 33 in effect. In Jesus' world of divine healing, the miracles of the Son of God is superimposed on GOD's maya and makes the world we live in complete that way.

Based on these different approaches we can orient our spiritual path in three different ways. We can discover spiritual perfection in life. So our Zen motto becomes "it is as it is, and as is, is somehow perfect for my soul development". We can try to look through GOD's maya and be united with GOD that way, or we can become a miracle worker by appealing to the power of the Son of GOD. In fact, we will probably stumble on all three paths along the WAY. No matter what your spiritual philosophy, and no matter where you look, GOD is always near.

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