Saturday, August 6, 2016

All Ego Comparisons are Meaningless

As I was changing in the gym today, I saw someone standing opposite to me who looked just like the former basketball Patrick Ewing only with the physique of a Shaquille O'Neal in his best days. Immediately my mind jumped to, "how attractive!"

But then, a much younger and somewhat smaller guy was changing right next to him, with an amazing six pack abs and pronounced muscles on a slender body. Again, my mind jumped to "how attractive!", and standing next to him, the Patrick Ewing look-alike hunk looked somehow overweight.

I am heterosexual, but I pictured these bodies through the eye of someone who appreciates bulkiness and figured that there is no way comparing these two in any way. And then, what about a handsome man with a witty mind or a kind character, or both, standing next to them? It is impossible to compare any of these attributes. What you can do only is to fall in love with the overall person where some particular attributes miraculously stand out for each of us individually.

When we fall in love we have a vision of a Child of GOD. Physical and character attributes simply gives us a convenient excuse to be lulled into the relationship but sooner or later a more potent and magnificent force is taking over. A relationship is a soul merger and everything else becomes of secondary importance. 

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