Sunday, August 7, 2016

Just say no to the dark energy field

Sleep is withdrawing; waking is joining.
(A Course in Miracles)

In a very deep way, will and SPIRIT are interdependent and, I assume, basically at one.
(Will and Spirit, Gerald May, M.D.; my capitalization)

Al Pacino plays an aging rock star in the movie "Danny Collins" whose career, and he as a person, is half past dead. But then he tries a new start, inspired by a personal letter he finds from John Lennon, and helped by a new love in his life. He invites a small group of selected fans, friends and family into a bar to introduce some new songs he had composed, but he loses encouragement as they keep on chanting for his old ones. There was a moment in the movie when his entire life was on the line. At that moment of choice - powerfully played by Al Pacino - he simply got sucked into the dark energy field. You literally saw his eyes transitioning from fearful anticipation to dull and lifeless. His old dead persona appeared and after an hour of lifeless chanting he got stoned just as he had always done in the good old days.

The memory of the movie Danny Collins popped up as I listened to "In the air tonight" by Phil Collins. I grew up to this 80s beat in Germany and never listed much to the lyrics. "In the air tonight" is about the bittersweet feeling of taking revenge and is entirely about the ego. Yet, I find it hard to switch radio channels when it plays because I remember the familiar, monotonous beat of song so well and it kind of sucks you in just as dark energy does. Yet, with a tiny conscious effort it is just a push of the button on the radio to move on. So I did, just as Danny Collins could have stood up to the dark energy field at this critical juncture.

Life is an ongoing choice but sometimes we also have to live a little. While there is no need to always be alert as a tiger on the hunt, the important part is to be always spiritually conscious at the important juncture. Perhaps this note can be of help when a crucial fork in the road comes up.

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