Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Experience Beats Intellect Every Step of the WAY

In the beginning, intellect was the teacher. It taught the soul that the ultimate purpose of life was to seek the real. Later, the intellect apprised the soul of its limits so that the soul now became the teacher of the intellect.  (Rumi)

Can you imagine that our life is nothing but a movie. The plot has unexpected twists, setbacks, disappointments, satisfying wins and miraculous breaks, but mostly the story line just displays who we figure we are. The intellect may get us far in life professionally, but it cannot reunite us with HER. Yet, HER SIGNS can be seen, understood, felt and experienced in life by the intellect as my personal awakening experience demonstrates. Yet it is experience that makes this contact. The intellect cannot fathom what lies BEYOND.

The intellectually driven spiritual traveler will learn to trust his intuition more just as the devoted aspirant will experience many mind-blowing insights along the WAY. I once saw a video clip of an old Buddhist monk (The Monk and the Moon) who stated, "Fear nothing except the failure to experience your true nature. Speak nothing unless you have lived it first. The gates of HEAVEN are wide open with not a single obstruction before it. There is a lot of wisdom in this statement. Respect life for what it is, a communication with GOD; face life fearlessly and SHE will show you the WAY. Experience beats intellect every step of the WAY.

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