Monday, August 29, 2016

Persistence along the WAY

When the going gets tough
the tough get going.
(Billy Ocean)

There is an implicit assumption of peace, love and happiness in the spiritual community. Sure, we all deserve to be in that state, but every spiritual traveler will tell you that at times the going gets tough even for us, and what choice do we have but to double up our efforts and in order to make it to the other side? Actually, working harder is not always the answer, sometimes it is just about working smarter. 

Resistance may indicate we are doing something wrong, or it may in fact be a symptom that we are doing everything right; it takes effort and persistence to overcome our internal resistance. Eventually we will always figure out what is of the ego and what are the SIGNS of the WAY. Our ego is engrained in us and it is our job as spiritual travelers to become aware of its presence. Many negative mental loops are running through us, "you made a mistake", "you are ugly", or, "you are poor, and even this little will be taken away from you!" GOD gives us the tools to break away from all of this, but we have to be aware of the hole we are digging for ourselves. When it comes to our own fears, only we can make the effort to climb out of it. Others may assist us, cheer us on, or stir our competitive juices, but the jump over our own shadow in the end has to come from us.

Truth of the matter is that GOD can be seen all the times, in good as well as in more challenging times. Find your role in GOD's magnificent maya and you will be well taken care of. Never mind a little uphill struggle, the Child of God can be tough as nails when she needs be.

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