Friday, August 26, 2016

Minding the Persistent Voice

Anyone who grew up in the US will not be surprised to hear that there is a machinery ranging from media, business, and entertainment all the way to the government that wants us to consume more and to work hard to generate the necessary income to keep the machinery going. Spirituality tries to step out of this treadmill, and sometimes we succeed, like in the hippie movement of the 60s and early 70s; but then, after some time, many of us seem to slip back into this subconscious trance of obeying this cultural super ego.

I grew up in Germany, a country with many spoken rules and implicit norms: you got to be educated, articulate well, be manly (in my case anyway), should know something about politics and foreign affairs, should master a couple of languages, and of course, should have a prestigious job that pays well too. Who knows where these norms come from, and while every culture has its own, but it seems pretty clear that the ruling class and intelligentsia over many centuries (kings, church, noblemen and aristocrats, university, etc.) had their agenda, and made their efforts to mold the super ego of the common (wo)men to their benefit.

Aboriginals, if these societies still exist, may have something to teach us about the balance of life: there is a time to work, a time to gather and prepare food, a time to play to be with others, a time to raise children and make love, and a time to be with nature and with GOD. It is the calling of the modern day spiritual traveler to find that balance. It is a hard mission given that overwriting subconscious processes takes a lot of effort and determination. There is no set road to break free from the conditioning. There is no fixed script either. We all have different soul requirement and aspirations and thus a different path to travel. 

It is time for a collective revolution. We are here for a purpose. Find it without being pinned down by the expectations of your parents, friends and society, yet, be guided by them at the same time for they are "you" as well. Let the SPIRIT talk through you and no ego or super-ego can touch you. Find your authentic journey, unaffected by ego and super ego demands, and see where it get you. With this awareness, the persistent voice in your head will finally quiet down.

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