Friday, August 19, 2016

Never Mind a little Pain along the WAY

There is no coming to consciousness without pain.
(Carl Jung)

Why does there have to be pain as we awaken to our SELF. Clearly, painful lessons have to be learned at times just to be willing to open our eyes to a new reality. But then, even if we have started connecting with the WAY, there appears to be pain associated with shedding our old skin and watching the new one grow. To willingly let go of the ego apparently requires us to be occasionally turned upside down. 

Why there has to be pain, I can't really say. All I can say is that in that great spiritual transition period that many talk about, 2016/2017, I experienced a lot of pain. I remember J. Krishnamurti once saying, as he enjoyed taking a transatlantic flight for the first time, that reaching enlightenment these days can be as easy as flying compared to the uncomfortable boat journey of the past.

Let's hope that every new generation of spiritual travelers can make the ride for the next a little more joyful. Let's hope we can carry our weight in this transformation.

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