Sunday, August 21, 2016

Playing the Greatest Game

I have watched the Olymics every day like so many of us. What we tend to forget is how much support and motivation these amazing athletes receive from their coaches, friends and family over the years. The coach will push the athlete to the limit while the family, friends and life-partners will do their best to heal the tortured body and soul. It is the entire motivation and support system that should receive the medals as well.

This comparison came to mind when I reflected on the TAO. SHE knows exactly how much pain, encouragement, criticism and support I need and should get, every step of the WAY. Every smile, little psychological cut, ray of sun, storm cloud and synchronicity is pre-programmed to allow us to write out idiosyncratic life story. We receive the required energy to carry on, just as we are told when to change course. Spiritual travelers have the most magnificent life coach there is, and HER SERVICE is free of charge and always available.

It is the human design of the Olympic Games to have a few spectacular winners and many participation awards. In contrast, along the WAY everyone is a champ. Connecting with HER, you have the determination of a gold medalist, the aspirations of a visionary, and the endurance of an iron man. Just show up and let HER do the rest.

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