Tuesday, August 9, 2016

The Healing Power of a Good Night's Sleep

Did you ever notice how every day is a new beginning of sorts? We go to bed and while sleeping, the SPIRIT rearranges our memories, stores lessons learned, and brings new questions and aspirations to the surface. And when it comes to our interactions with others even more changes: the next morning both parties have been worked on by a higher authority, so pleased give the encounter a fresh start and discount what happened yesterday.

I remember a woman in the Spiritual Networks community once saying, "I have successfully cut all negative people out of my life, and only my son remains." Well, don't cut them out! Instead, look what healing opportunity these people may have in store for you. Along a spiritual path the prime objective is to recognize that we are ONE. Every voice - soothing as well as annoying - can bring that insight.

I remember taking a long time-out of sorts as a graduate student. When the personal drama surrounding me became just too much, I simply disappeared for a year to Cambridge, Massachusetts, safely living one hour north of Providence, Rhode Island, where my graduate school was and were my friends lived. It was a good choice then which helped me to bring back some serenity into my life. Yet, from today's perspective it was certainly overkill. These days, an hour in solitude with my iPad, or a power exercise at the gym is mostly enough. And if all fails, a good night's sleep will bring my serenity back.

There is a strange promise along the WAY. Sometimes we have to do some heavy lifting, but we never get more than we can handle. People are here to make us whole. While no one can force us to hang out with folks we don't like, we are certainly encouraged to deal with the occasional "black sheep" within our family, circle of friends and our job. Accept the "baggage" life brings but rest assured that after a good night's sleep your load will be lighter and the world you face will be as good as new.

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