Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Just be You

How do you experience painful episodes in your life? Do you really think that pain is necessary? Please observe yourself and see if you are more alive, more loving, more connected, more creative, more energetic when you experience pain or when you are playful? Perhaps we need to challenge our thinking and understand if it is necessary for us to feel painful to grow.

Too often we take others’ thinking and their ways for granted without contemplating whether it also works for us.  We try to mimic the ways of the folks who seem to do well in life, but more often than not we fall flat on our face unless we give it our personal spin. It is only then when we understand that the issue we are dealing with has been hand-picked for us. Problems are not here to torture us, they have been given to us to bring our creativity to the fore and to establish our personal connection with GOD.

Every crisis brings an opportunity. If the problem you face lingers, could it be that one of your own beliefs creates the conflict? Can it be dropped if it no longer serves you? Observe how you feel when you let go of some belief system.  Can you  leave the pain behind? Do you feel more creative or do you feel stuck? The issue you are dealing with today is here to help you unleash your potential. Always listen to advice given to you because that may be GOD`s VOICE too, but if nothing seems to work always remember that there the VOICE inside that holds the answer.

Have fun being you! 

By Su Zhen

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