Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Choices along the WAY

There are times when our step towards GOD requires all of our will-power, and it is an uphill struggle as if we have to slay seven-head dragons in order to proceed. Yet, it isn't so much that GOD's KINGDOM depends on our battle, but the world simply offers us an opportunity to straighten things out for our SELF.

There are times when we can turn the other cheek in the company of scoundrels, just as Jesus once encouraged us to. It is not because we need to be pacifists or that we are too afraid to stand up for ourself, but just to show to everyone, ourself included, that it simply doesn't matter. 

And then there are times when we rest at the center of the circle, without involvement, without a care in the world and without being known to others. 

You might ask how do we know which path to take. It is easy, just follow the WAY.

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