Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Spiritual Heroes

Every super hero has unparalleled strengths in some areas but is weak and vulnerable in some others. Achilles was told to be nearly invincible in the Trojan War, but died when an arrow penetrated his heel. Superman has strengths beyond this world but melts like butter in the presence of kryptonite.

We are the children of GOD, yet our bodies are fragile and vulnerable to aging and diseases. We learn that there is no room for grandiosity along a spiritual path, yet there is also nothing to be afraid of. Life encourages us to accept our weak spot while putting our mark in the area that we are good at. 

Life supports our mission and helps us in the areas where we need support. The stories of the superheroes and Greek myths are merely here to remind us of our potential. Let's remember to keep our feet on the ground as we gaze into the stars.  What is your mission?

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