Thursday, September 8, 2016

Humility is part of the WAY

I was sitting in my office the other day and heard a professor-type colleague lecture another colleague. I was thinking to myself, "Just think, this could have been you!" Someone who makes a career out of talking down at others." The TAO knows best. Academics could well have been my chosen career given that I aspire to be "wise"; but life chose differently. Instead, I was chosen to earn my living as a financial strategist. A profession that is truly humbling. Unknowingly when I joined the profession some twenty years ago, it prepared me perfectly for the WAY.

A spiritual traveler is an odd creature. We gaze at the infinity of stars yet we live in a body that has no protection to speak of. We recognize our magnificence yet we know that without HER we are nothing. The Course in Miracles contrast grandiosity with grandeur. Life will make sure we lose all grandiosity by the wayside while remembering our grandeur while walking the WAY.

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