Saturday, September 24, 2016

Life Artist

I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set Him free.

I have no idea how exactly Neale Walsch made his Conversations with God work. How cool would that be if we could sit down at the kitchen table and GOD answers every question we might have. But no questions asked, the books he wrote speak for themselves.

We have divinity in our bones just as we carry the not so pleasant stuff around. All of us are here to find a way to create something beautiful. And we spiritual travelers, just like Neale Walsch did in his book series, find an idiosyncratic way to get in touch with the divine in us. 

There are musicians who hear music in their head and all they have to do is to write it down. There are novelists who see beautiful plots in day-to-day interactions that others consider mundane. And there are artists who see beauty and perfection where others only see a lump of stone.

I consider myself a life artist. I experience diamonds forming under the pressure of life's ups and downs, and all I have to do is to collect them. Yet it took me the longest time to understand that to be who I am requires the day to day challenges just as much as the presents. Without the yin and yang of life this Conversation with God would simply not take place, at least not for me.

Find your WAY and tell us about it.

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