Friday, September 23, 2016

Three Paths Merge into One

The Blue Lord may approach us on life's battle field and tell us that good or bad, right or wrong, we have a job to do and can't shirk our responsibilities. The Christ may appear in the presence of evil and encourage us to turn the other cheek as well. Traveling the Dao we are enabled to experience the yin and yang of life without being attached to it.

All these paths are meant to assist us on our journey HOME. We travel with different missions and soul longings, and even for each individual spiritual traveler, different situations and problems may require different spiritual solutions. Krishna's path allows us to let go of some remaining karma without getting entangled in new one. Jesus' teachings allow us to become aware of our ego, putting us in a position to transcend it. Along the Way we meet the observer and learn to disentangle our Self in the ups and downs of life.

GOD is inside the maya called life, yet SHE operates outside of it. At the same time. We find GOD in the intersection of Krishna, Christ and the Way. When we are HOME, Power meets Peace meets Wholeness Meets Love. But until we reach this blessed state, let's hold HER HAND every step of the WAY.

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