Friday, September 16, 2016

Passion makes us Whole

The Bhagavad Gita mandates that we simply can't sit on the fence. Good or bad, right or wrong; when life calls, we have a job to do. We are on a soul mission of sorts. It may take some time to figure out what exactly it is we are called to do, as well as figuring out what we truly aspire rather than blindly following what others want us to do. Our life has a story that develops a life on its own, and sooner or later we realize in which direction we have to go. When we are called to act we know it, and if for some reason we refuse to show up, just like it happened to Arjun when he hesitated to join the biggest battle India ever had known, the Blue Lord descends on us and reminds us of our duty.

The soul is not the SELF. Our GOD connection is eternal, serene, and beyond good and evil. But then, our soul has an earthly mission instead. Life happens to us the way it is because GOD knows that we still have some homework to do before we can transcend our inner conflicts. Instead of calling life ugly and hoping that holiness would descend on us, we should dive right in and get our job done. Our soul reminds of prior struggles, perhaps even battles of previous lifetimes that we yet have to face and transcend. When we are passionate in what we do we experience that our soul is talking to us. When life and humanity touches us, we might not be as serene and wholesome as we aspire to be, but without facing it, we will never get anywhere.

When our soul calls us to live our mission, the intensity of the blazing fire moderates over time just as the eventual transcendence of our conflicts makes us whole. SHE is calling us HOME; passion and involvement get us there.

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