Friday, September 16, 2016

Angels in our Midst

I was working on a note that argues that everyone, scientific mind and spiritual traveler alike, can employ the Matrix we live in for manifestation purposes. A scientific mind can also figure out that human consciousness and the probabilities of unfolding events are connected. Physicists will tell you that the existence of parallel universes and weird additional dimensions are all implied by the beautiful math that makes these theories work. But then, a spiritual traveler knows more. The divine MATRIX is entirely based on LOVE. That is, we know that when you are pure love, you attract a blissful world because the principle of ONENESS is powered by it.

I thought to myself that this LOVE hypothesis can also be discovered by a rational mind if only you are willing to make this LOVE premise your working hypothesis and open up to all synchronicities that life has to offer. But then I suddenly wondered if humanity could really have evolved in this MATRIX without a little divine intervention. Maybe we would have killed each other off by now had not Angels interfered on our behalf. So as I was strolling down the street thinking about Angels, I looked up and saw this license plate: DA-RK 555. Strange, I thought to myself, 555 is an Angel number. Why should there be anything dark about Angels? But then I used my little methodology that I use to communicate with the Beyond. I read spiritual messages like in Hebrew from right to left. So in my methodology the message suddenly becomes: 555, Krishna's Revelation (KR), Yes (DA in Russian). So the spiritual MIND I talk to concurs, metaphysical Angels are present in our life. I doubt that I could convince anyone with my little spiritual ABC, but I thought it was a cute little synchronicity nevertheless :)

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