Saturday, September 17, 2016


As a spiritual traveler, I am an expert of sorts. I know how to respond to life. Not to be successful, not to avoid pain, nor to get everything I aspire. I make a CHOICE to return HOME. As far as "success" is concerned, I may not be any better off than the fellow next door. As far as happiness is concerned, I most certainly am. The CHOICE along the WAY is designed to let go of what glitters and distracts, and to welcome everything that is truly meaningful and loving.

Left to my own thoughts, I may or may not have many spiritual insights. Somehow I can only make the CHOICE when life interacts with me. It is only in this CHOICE that I understand the divine game plan. It is then when the observer kicks in and just knows the next step of the WAY. When I am on my own it is easy to get fooled. Thinking about thinking is hardly the observer but rather the ego playing games with itself. But then, I am in my element when I am one with nature; when I listen to music; when I write or meditate. It is then when thoughts disappear into the background. It is then when I am with my SELF.

The reader of the blog knows that I sometime complain about my stressful job as a financial strategist, but it is this environment that most exposes me to people, friends, ideas, conflicts and sweet treats. Work, with all the professional ups and downs,  exposes me to life. One day I will be ready to move on to practice my spiritual endeavors instead. New friends will come into my life; new aspirations and fears. Once the network of likeminded spiritual travelers knocks on my door I shall be ready to move on with my life. Not before though. Without life's insightful interactions I may not have much to write about.

There is a lot of power in knowing how to respond to life's events, stressful as this CHOICE might appear at times. "Not this, not that; yes to this and a resounding yes to that" is the next step along the WAY. With every natural CHOICE along the WAY we let go off a little additional baggage that we had carried around for way too long. Engage with life's messengers and you cannot miss the WAY.

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