Sunday, September 11, 2016

The Two Worlds

The mind is a curious concept. As J. Krishnamurti never got tired of repeating, the institution that looks for God and self-improvement is also the source of restlessness, regret and criticism. It is like a dog with a short tail that keeps trying to make the circle complete but can only chase itself in circles without getting anywhere. I am a mind-driven person and have certainly been abused by that circle of aspired self-improvement, criticism and regret . But then, I started opening up to a new world that can be seen and experienced instead. It is a place where time stands still and thoughts vanish. Yet, it is a world that somehow can be "understood" as an after-thought as well.

I experienced fear the other day when I picked up a random J. Krishnamurti book from my shelf,  "As One Is", and browsed a few pages in it. His theories are so beautiful, so clean and appear to be intellectually superior. How could any of my writings ever compare to his? But when I reflected on this "fear", I started smiling. Funny, it is the same institution that he always warned about that made the comparison and drew this conclusion. There is more as a matter of fact, J. Krishnamurti never wrote much about the "magical" world that I am experiencing, though he experienced it just as I do. He signed up for his path; I have mine to travel.

All spiritual travelers live in two worlds. Each and everyone of us tries their way to bring these two worlds together. We all aim to communicate this ONENESS in our language and from our unique perspective. Welcome to our WORLD; why don't you start sharing your perspective as well.

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