Monday, September 12, 2016

When soul and ego see eye to eye

"Ascension is not the process of dropping your physical vehicle and leaving this physical realm in search for a better reality but the process of "getting in here" being fully in~bodied and alive, joyfully living and sharing this joy with others in turn assisting them to remembering who they truly are." | RiseEarth | Emanuehl

The spiritual community is out to eradicate the ego. Why actually? It would never occur to us to eradicate our body either even though it is hardly a divine instrument either. Maybe we can accept our ego desires as our psychological identity and run with it in a direction that makes us whole and happy, all the while being mindful that we are not departing from the WAY.

If you define the ego as the counter-force of the SELF, then we spiritual travelers certainly have the mission to drop the ego by the wayside. But what if the ego is merely a notion of who we think and feel we are? From that perspective all we have to do is to make friends with our identity, just as we have to make friends with our body as well. In fact, could all that running after enlightenment be counterproductive? Maybe this quest is an ego drive to be special as well, only this time wrapped in spiritual clothing.

Why can't we see each other as creative story tellers instead? We write and edit a story that satisfies our soul longings while being true to our SELF at the same time. Why does our desire have to necessitate misery? Just because we desire something doesn't mean we have to act on it. Say I want to be powerful at work but realize that I am unwilling to pay the price for getting there, I can have the insight that things are just perfect for my soul development as are, or alternatively move on to a different job that allows me to be more creative and thus potent as well.

Or say we are married but continue to lust after the other sex. Why can't the ego accept that those love triangles only bring unhappiness and destruction and settle down for being faithful. Alternatively simply move on to having more open sexual relationships?

The mental image our spiritual community often presents is that of a charioteer who tries to guide the unruly horses, the body, the mind, and the emotions who all want to go into different directions. There is a little of this going on for where there is desire we will always experience some setbacks. But instead of just focusing on discipline we can instead put our heart and soul in living the story that satisfies both our SELF as well as our soul.

GOD knows our soul longings and has carefully designed the path to bring us HOME well before we were born. Write your story and tell us about it.

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