Monday, October 24, 2016

Coloring the Blank CANVAS

The universe as we know it is a joint product of the observer and the observed.
(Pierre Teilhard de Chardin)

What if we are endowed with a free choice that allows us to create whatever we fancy? What if the act of having been expelled from the Garden of Eden was nothing but an energy that deviated from the ENERGY our CREATOR shared with us? There was nothing good or bad in that new creation. it was just as the separation attempts of an adolescent to form a separate identity from her parents. Yet, if we want to, we can always return HOME. The doors to the Garden of Eden have never been shut. And we get there by letting this energy we carry inside evolve; by creating something beautiful with it, by editing our story as life unfolds, and by choosing one color, and one paint stroke at a time as we finish our idiosyncratic masterpiece.

The MIND is ready to be used just as a CANVAS is ready to be turned into a beautiful painting. It is divine, yet it allows us to be used for any energy we might choose. We can't undo the first temptation. We have to respect the choices Adam and Eve took for us. Their choices are imprinted in our bones and our DNA. We are also responsible for whatever we did in this lifetime and prior ones. There is an energy inside of us that needs to be felt, expressed, transmuted, transcended and understood. We can't wish it away, but we can become still to separate our SELF from it. We can also dive right into the busyness of life and color our CANVAS together with the people, events and energies we attract.

With the help of the divine CANVAS we define ourselves and ultimately find our SELF. Clear your MIND, color your CANVAS and write your STORY. The energy and karma within is beautiful as is. Be the creator GOD made you to be and let HER admire your creation.

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