Monday, October 10, 2016


"In reality, everything occurs of its own, with no exterior cause. Everything and every event is a manifestation of the totality of All THAT IS just as it is at any given moment. Once seen in its totality, everything is perfect at all times and nothing needs an external cause to change it in any way. From the viewpoint of the ego’s positionality and limited scope, the world seems to need endless fixing and correction. This illusion collapses as a vanity." Dr. David R. Hawkins

The body expresses us physically.  It is the hardware of sorts. The mind is the software, enabling the consciousness to choose our actions and to create the world we live in. The SELF is our GOD connection residing within that we can always awaken to, while GOD is the ALL THAT IS. The "I" is literally the point where body, mind, SELF and GOD come together. In reality, all of this is nothing but an illusion as we are simply part of ONENESS but until we reach that blessed AWAKENING, the "I" has to work with these four dimensions.

The German philosopher and mathematician Leipnitz claimed that we live in the best of all worlds, and you hear the same theme in David Hawkins' quote. It is a tautology of sorts, so no-one can prove or disprove it. But we spiritual travelers feel that it is true. No matter what we do, it is perfectly designed to bring us HOME. Say we crumble under life's weight and become addicted and so lifeless that even our friends, our spouse, or perhaps even our own children can get us out of this self-imposed slump. Will not our soul cry murder and will we not compensate when we finally break free from the misery? Would we not be propelled by the injustice and repulsion of our ugly past, and be driven to clean up all the broken China on the floor? So the sin and the wasted time of the past suddenly becomes the engine on our way HOME.

These are mostly subconscious choices that we awaken to. But today we have access to the conscious choice to take a deliberate step towards GOD. Thinking about it, at each and every step of our journey we face this decision matrix:

          Follow our           Overcome the
          passion                resistance

         Resist                    Avoid the
         temptation            negatives

We have always dealt with these alternatives, running after what is meaningful for us, and trying to get out of harm's way to the best of our ability. There also have been the times when we walked up-hill to do better in the future, or when we did our best to avoid the temptations that distracted us from our goals. Today we are spiritual travelers instead and we are awakening to the ONENESS of every situation.

The beauty of the spiritual path is to recognize that the holy NOW guides us wherever we are. ONENESS can be perceived in what we do, in what happens to us, and in what we experience. We let go of the steering wheel of sorts and just let happen what has to happen without interfering any longer with the WAY. We  no longer have an agenda on our own. Sometimes it is the body talking, sometimes the mind, while sometimes the SELF shines through. Often the situation we are in speaks volumes. The journey HOME is always where we are, and even a missed step along the WAY is a perfect imperfection that catapults us directly towards HER. Keep walking my friend and be part of that blessed I AM THAT I AM moment.

I AM the SELF. I AM not the body, not the emotion, not the thought.
I AM not the mind. The mind is just a subtle instrument of the SELF. I AM the SELF.

I AM one with my higher SELF. I AM THAT I AM.

I AM one with the DIVINE SPARK within me. I AM a CHILD of GOD.
I AM connected with GOD. I AM ONE with ALL.

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