Friday, October 28, 2016

The Upside of Change

Have you ever observed how convenient it is to blame others for our misery? Have you noticed how you just want the irritating problem in your life to go away! The true problem is that we are spending our energy in areas that we have little influence over. We feel powerless and hopeless; often we even feel angry, even though often these "trouble-makers" are in fact people we care about.

When you demand others to change, you might as well ask what you can change instead. Every situation, annoying as it might be for us, always has a present for us wrapped inside. Do we have some personal attributes that prevent the struggling friend to be the best they can be? How can we become more accommodating? Can we use the friction of the situation to burn off some of the old aspects of ourself that we have outgrown in the meantime? Can we rise like a phoenix from the ashes?

Lets change ourselves first and foremost! Discover for yourself how powerful you become once you embrace the commitment for change. The nice thing about a miserable situation is that change suddenly becomes the only option. Die-hard habits are hard to let go off, but with a little kick in the butt we feel motivated to make the necessary change.

Everything is possible! There is upside in every miserable situation just as there is already a change in the making when we feel that the going couldn't get any better for us. Trust that life's ups and downs always have your well-being in mind, as long as we adjust. Changes keeps us young and set the stage for the environment we are rooting for. Make the commitment to change and watch the miracles coming your way!

By Christian and Su Zhen

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